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Lighting Systems

We primarily sell Lutron Homeworks QS or Radio RA2 Lighting systems. Between the two we can cover almost any installation in any home, and accommodate each individual client's wants, needs, and budget. Each system is unique to the client, and is fully customizable.

Either system can provide Remote Access via Lutron’s iPad/iPhone/Android app. This comes in handy when you’ve left for vacation but can’t remember if you closed the shades, or turned off the lights, or set the Thermostat to 78 degrees. Anything on the system that you can control while in your home can be controlled via the app from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Automated Shades

Lutron has a variety of shading systems available with both wired and wireless communication, and both battery and hardwired power. Products include Roller Shades, Insulating Honeycomb Shades, Venetian Blinds, Sheer Horizontal Blinds, Roman Shades, Drapery Tracks and Tensioned Rollers for angled Skylight applications. These come is a variety of different fabric, and fabric types, from extremely sheer to total blackout. There is a color and style for almost any application, and more importantly almost any clients design style.

Design Services

We also provide lighting design services for those remodeling or building from scratch. From where to place fixtures, to specifying the exact fixtures, lamps (bulbs), and controls. Full AutoCAD plans can be drawn if and when required.

We provide design assistance in selecting Fabrics for Shades and also work with all Interior Designers on designs, specifications and selections. Sometimes how and where a shade is installed is just as important as the fabric that goes on it. We help coordinate the details like how big a pocket should be or how a window should be trimmed out to best accommodate a shade.

Here are a few videos of work that we've done:


All systems are customizable up to a certain point. Here are some questions to ask before deciding on a lighting system:

  1. How many devices, loads, or shades need to be controlled?
  2. Do you want to see the devices/dimmers, or only Wall Mounted Keypads?
  3. What other systems do you want to talk to? Audio-Video, HVAC, Pool Controllers, Alarms, Hurricane Shutters, Garage Door Openers, etc...
  4. And when talking to another system do you need feedback confirmation of successful commands?
  5. Do you want to save energy?
  6. Do you want to install LEDs throughout or just in the most commonly used rooms?
  7. Do you want each device to match the room decor (Lutron has over 30 colors to choose from) or do you just want white, blackm brown or almond?
  8. Does it bother you if the lights "popcorn" on, or do you want a smoother fade on/off?
  9. Do you want time clock events that happen every day or do you want to be able to customize these by day, week, season or holiday?
  10. Do you want to keypad buttons to have different scenes for day or night?

Radio Ra 2 is designed for those homeowners wanting Lighting Control and maybe some Integration, but don't require things like "conditional logic" programming, and can keep their system under 200 devices (dimmers, keypads, shades, etc...). The system has some limitations, but is perfect for a lot of homeowners who want some control, but don't need to launch a rocket from their keypads. The system is RF based, and perfect for retrofit applications where you just replace the existing switch with a new RA2 programmable Dimmer. No new wiring is needed. It can also be used in new construction, and is a great application for those who don’t want to see all the devices cluttering up a wall. Since the devices are RF they can be placed almost anywhere.

Homeworks QS is designed for a larger home, up to 10000 devices, and can be integrated with a variety of other home systems with 2 way communication. QS can be designed for a retrofit application similar to RA2, but can also be used in new construction, where you want no dimmers or switches visible, just keypads. Many homes are a combination of the two types.

QS also allows for conditional logic, such as Time of Day, Day of Year, Season, and many other conditions that you can dream up. If you want a certain light to turn on, on a specific day, at a specific hour, but only if the light level is 50% or less, this can be programmed. If you want a dimmer or keypad button to turn on the bath light to 84% during the day, 52% during the evening, and only 17% between the hours of 12 am and 6 am, this can be programmed. Or for those of you who live on the beach how about a Turtle Season programming?